Let The Business Do The Talking

This article originally appeared in CIO Insight. If you want to be truly successful selling your technology ideas and projects, don't sell them at all. Have your colleagues and customers do the selling for you. We're betting you've probably heard this piece of advice a few dozen times. You may have even taken it to [...]

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A Business Case that Sells

This article originally appeared in CIO Insight. What's wrong with most business case presentations? Basically, they don't sell. They have lots of facts and figures and information but they don't really sell. Why's that? Because the vast majority of business cases are missing two critical ingredients: an outcomes-based vision, and the promise of real-life change. [...]

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The Madison Avenue Sales Technique for IT Leaders

This article originally appeared in CIO Insight. Meet Christine Christine is the CIO of a $400 million manufacturing company. Like you, Christine is about to enter Q4. She is bracing for the final budget approval and crunch process. She knows that this year it's gonna be tough. So far, Christine has managed to "protect" her [...]

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