Let The Business Do The Talking

If you want to be truly successful selling your technology ideas and projects, don’t sell them at all. Have your colleagues and customers do the selling for you. We're betting you’ve probably heard this piece of advice a few dozen times. You may have even taken it to heart once or twice -- especially for [...]

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A Business Case that Sells

It’s Q4 and you're fighting for 2012 budget. That’s why I am sharing with you the most effective and advanced methods for selling your IT/business projects. Last week I introduced the Madison Avenue Presentation Technique. This week it will be the centerpiece of internal project sales success: The business case. How it typically looks, where [...]

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The Madison Avenue Sales Technique for IT Leaders

It's budget crunch time for IT leaders. You gotta get out there and defend your budget. So, for the next several weeks I am going to focus on this very topical issue for most CIOs. In my CIO Insight column this week, "Mad Men" has the answers to your budget Woes, I share a lesson [...]

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